Asset Backed Finance

GCI’s Asset Backed Finance team provides innovative funding solutions to clients with physical or financial assets across a range of industries including professional services, industrials and resources.
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Target Clients

Target Clients

GCI’s Asset Backed Finance team has a proud track record of providing Value Added Credit to mid-sized companies across a range of industries.

We’re always open to discuss opportunities.

Facility Overview

Facility Overview

GCI’s Asset Backed Finance team provide flexible funding structures to small and mid-sized businesses with a focus on real or financial assets (e.g. vehicles, equipment, loan portfolios and invoices).

Our funding solutions are:

  • Typically first ranking debt facilities (against secured assets)
  • Secured by physical or financial assets
  • Typically $5 million to $50 million
  • Short to medium loan terms (up to 5 years)

For more detail on our innovative and flexible funding structures, start a conversation with our Asset Backed Finance Team.

Funding Criteria 

Funding Criteria 

Our clients are often underserved by traditional debt providers or just don’t want to deal with the banks, so our Asset Backed Finance team works with them to understand their business.

When considering funding a borrower, our team will look for:

  • An experienced and capable management team
  • Headquartered in ANZ
  • Robust systems and processes
  • Real or financial assets available to be pledged as security
  • Passionate management and shareholders with “skin in the game”
Speak with our team to discuss how we can provide you with a flexible funding structure that meets your individual requirements. Our nimble team and efficient processes mean we can provide a clear path to funding or a quick no.

Providing more than just funding

Our specialist teams will work with you to deal with complexity, and provide you with what we believe is “Value Added Credit” that GCI has become known and respected for. View our case studies here.

Our Value Added Credit approach includes


Our specialist expertise and analytical frameworks allow us to deal with complexity and fairly value standard and non-standard assets.


Our collective experience and expertise allows us to provide clients with recommendations to reduce risk and optimise growth plans.


Our nimble team and efficient processes mean we can provide a clear path to funding or a quick and clear no.


We provide access to our extensive domestic and international networks to support our client’s business and growth.


We provide flexible funding structures to meet individual requirements, with the ability and pragmatism to evolve as circumstances change.