Client Overview

  • The Client was an emerging BNPL lender. GCI provided its first non-related party wholesale debt facility in 2017
  • Since providing the first facility, the Client has grown significantly and listed on the ASX
  • Like many Fintech and BNPL lenders, the Client’s requirements have evolved significantly since inception

Facility Overview

  • GCI initially provided a $20 million wholesale facility which was later expanded to $30m
  • Since providing the initial wholesale facility, GCI has increased the LVR of the facility twice in response to the Client proving out their business model
  • In September 2021 GCI provided a further $25m in limits, taking total limits for the Client to $65m


  • Over the course of our funding relationship, our Client spent over 24 months engaging with a large institutional debt provider. In September 2021 the Client elected to deal solely with GCI for it’s Australian funding requirements.
  • GCI has regularly amended its facility as the Client’s needs have changed, with approvals consistently being provided within 3 business days.

Providing Value Added Credit


With GCI’s team’s experience, we have been able to provide insights into credit policy changes which the Client’s internal team were previously unaware of and have worked consistently with the Client’s internal teams to ensure the Facility operates smoothly and is fit for purpose.


As the Client has grown their requirements have changed and GCI has regularly updated our facility covenants within tight timeframes to accommodate their evolving business model.


Our open and trusted relationship with our Client meant GCI’s founders were able to connect them with a premier senior executive with a strong banking and consulting background to fill an Independent Non-Executive Director seat.