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Funding High Growth Businesses

GCI’s Leap Capital fund backs outstanding entrepreneurs to scale high growth businesses.

While we provide loans, we think like business builders not like bank managers.
We fund ambitious entrepreneurs and their teams so that they can realise their vision while maintaining their ownership position.

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Target Clients

Target Clients

We want to back the best high growth businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

We look to back great businesses from all industries. Our borrowers have reached break even or have a clear path to profitability, but have a short-term need for funding to continue to grow rapidly.

Loan Overview

Loan Overview

Scale Up Finance’s growth loans are typically 3-year facilities of between $2 million and $10 million. Our loans are flexibly structured and can be tailored to suit specific borrower requirements, with a goal of minimising equity dilution for existing shareholders.

For more detail on innovative and flexible funding structures, the Leap Capital team would love to hear from you today.

Funding Criteria 

Funding Criteria 

Our loans would not be available from banks because our borrowers don’t get ticks in all of their boxes.

When considering a loan, our team will look for:

  1. Outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams based in Australia or New Zealand
  2. Proven business models with revenue of >$4 million per annum, ideally recuring or contracted, growing at >20% p.a.
  3. Either pre-profit with a clear path to profitability over 6-18 months or breakeven now with growth plans that require funding
  4. Seeking funding of $2-$10 million
  5. From any sector, but probably technology-enabled

Speak with our team to discuss how we can provide you a loan that meets your specific individual requirements. Our small, local team and efficient process means that we can provide rapid feedback with a clear path to funding, or a quick no.

Providing more than just funding

We think like business owners, not bankers. Our specialist teams will work with you to deal with complexity, and provide you with what we believe is “Value Added Credit” that GCI has become known and respected for. View our case studies here.

Our Value Added Credit approach includes


The Leap team has a combined 50+ years of investing in and building high growth businesses in Australia and internationally. This experience allows us to more easily understand the individual needs of each potential borrower and tailor facilities specifically to meet those needs.


Our collective experience and expertise, combined with the strong, open relationships that we build with our borrowers, allow us to act as a sounding board for borrowers where helpful. This advice might cover a range of strategic, operational or transactional decisions that our borrowers face.


With our team all located in our Sydney office, we can make decisions and execute fast.

Pre-funding, we provide either a quick, clear path to financing or an early “no”. Alternatively, our response may be a “not yet” with specific feedback on what would be required for a “yes” in the future.

Our team’s deep transaction experience also enables us to execute due diligence and documentation processes efficiently.

Post-funding, we respond fast to our borrowers’ evolving needs.


We provide access to our extensive domestic and international networks across a range of sectors to support our borrowers to grow their businesses.

We may be able to introduce borrowers to potential new customers or investors from our networks. We may also know executives and entrepreneurs who have built similar businesses to our borrowers, enabling them to provide directly relevant advice for our borrowers.


Having entrepreneurial backgrounds ourselves, we pride ourselves on being able to think flexibly in providing facilities that both meet our borrowers’ initial needs and evolve over time, if necessary. We understand that each business and its specific circumstances are different, requiring us to take a flexible approach.

Scale Up Finance
Scale Up Finance

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