Scale Up Finance

We back outstanding entrepreneurs looking
to scale their high growth businesses

A simple goal

We want to provide ambitious founders and early shareholders of emerging fast-growing companies with an alternative funding option and to help them realise their growth potential, whilst maintaining their ownership position.

Our leadership team understands the challenges of building and scaling growth businesses and has the experience to support high growth businesses to scale successfully through our innovative capital solutions and expansive network.

What we offer

Unlike a typical bank, we are not bound by the same restrictive lending requirements and have adapted our own set of boxes to“tick”. Our loans are flexibly structured and can be tailored to suit specific borrower requirements, with a goal of minimising equity dilution for existing shareholders. When working with our borrower clients, our team will look for three fundamental qualities in a business:

  1. A proven business model with revenue growing at > 20% p.a.
  2. Clear path to profitability (a business does not need to be profitable at the time of our loan)
  3. Management teams based in Australia or New Zealand seeking funding of $3-$15M

Speak with our team to discuss how we can provide you with funding that meets your specific individual requirements.

What our borrowers say

Our borrowers are some of the best high growth businesses in Australia and New Zealand and we are proud of the work we have done so far.

If you are a founderor adviser looking to access growth capital,speak with our team today.

Our Scale Up Finance Team

Our expert in-house investment team is always open to discuss opportunities and are excited about discovering new things, speak with our team today.

Guy Reypert

Managing Director

Alexander Corder

Investment Director

Talia Dorfan

Investment Manager

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