Our Value Added Credit Approach

At GCI, we provide more than just funding, we provide Value Added Credit.

We think like business owners, not bankers. We work with our borrower clients to understand their specific requirements and provide flexible funding structures that enable them to grow.

Our Value Added Credit approach is built on our insights, speed, flexibility, advice and network.

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Credit Providers Who Think Like Business Owners

Value Added Credit


Our specialist expertise and analytical frameworks allow us to deal with complexity and fairly value standard and non-standard assets.

GCI was engaged to replace an existing unreliable funding structure through a credit hedge fund. In replacing this unreliable structure, we performed a detailed process review during due diligence and our specialist team identified several improvement opportunities to benefit our new client. These improvements allowed GCI to expand the scope of the facility to their New Zealand business.


Our collective experience and expertise allows us to provide clients with recommendations to reduce risk and optimise growth plans.

GCI was engaged to provide our client with their first loan facility to enable them to scale up. Our specialist team worked with our client, providing advice and support, to assist them in producing institutional grade reporting. These reports and reporting processes allowed them to reduce risk, unlock their growth plans, and refinance the facility at half the rate within 18 months of the facility commencing.


Our nimble team and efficient processes mean we can provide a clear path to funding or a quick and clear no.

As COVID-19 caused our client’s conversations with institutional financiers to halt in early 2020, GCI was able to step-in and work through a complex deal and progress to signed documents in just five weeks from the initial engagement with GCI.

The funding enabled our client to grow and we were able to increase the initial target deal of $30 million to $35 million to support the borrower’s continued growth.


We provide access to our extensive domestic and international networks to support our client’s business and growth.

Our open and trusted relationship with our client meant GCI’s founders were able to connect them with a premier senior executive with a strong banking and consulting background to fill an Independent Non-Executive Director. GCI was also able to connect the client with their new CEO, who has over 20 years’ experience in payments and banking.


We provide flexible funding structures to meet individual requirements, with the ability and pragmatism to evolve as circumstances change.

GCI provided our client their first debt facility, with a $10 million limit and a 65% LVR against their loan book, allowing them to kickstart their growth and evolve their strategy. Our specialist team have worked to grow with the client’s needs, and we now provide a $30 million, three-year facility with an 85% LVR. As the business continues to grow, the facility now also permits multiple funders to support the business as they continue to evolve their strategy.

Case studies

View our case studies to see how our specialist teams have provided Value Added Credit to borrowers across a number of areas, including term loans, invoice receivables, equipment finance, consumer loans, Buy Now Pay Later plans, real estate bridge loans, trail book funding and agricultural finance.

Our Story

GCI was founded in 2015

Founded by Steven Sher and Gavin Solsky to invest their capital in private credit.

Steven retired as managing director at Goldman Sachs after 17 years in London, leading the private equity business for Northern Europe.

Gavin has an entrepreneurial background having founded a number of companies, including Portland Group, a professional services and outsourcing business that was sold to Infosys in 2012.


GCI recognised that post the GFC, regulation on banks would create opportunities for non-bank lenders, including existing specialty finance companies and Fintechs.

At the same time, investors in Australia had limited access to private credit within their investment portfolios with a large concentration of assets in equities and real estate.

Our Objective

The initial objective of GCI was to develop structures to provide capital to non-bank lenders while providing sound credit investments to wholesale investors.

GCI has grown to have four core innovative solutions.

Lending to Lenders
Asset Backed Finance
Scale Up Finance
Special Opportunities Funding

Providing Value Added Credit

Invested in a range of private credit structures.

GCI vehicles have provided capital to more than 20 borrowers across a number of areas.

Term Loans
Invoice receivables
Equipment finance
Consumer loans
Buy Now Pay Later plans
Real estate bridge loans
Trail book funding
Agriculture finance

Our Mission

To create exceptional investments as the leading provider of specialist debt capital

Our Values


We maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do


We are uncompromising in our effort to achieve exceptional outcomes


We embrace all opposing viewpoints as an opportunity to enhance our thinking

Long Term Focus

We adopt a prudent mindset valuing long-term success over short-term gains


We tell the whole story


We prize collective achievements over individual recognition