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Ongoing increases in bank regulation, improvements in technology and availability of credit data, as well as a range of market forces are changing the lending landscape and opening new markets for non-bank lenders and investors who are able to fund them.

GCI is a specialist fixed-income and credit investment manager with a bias towards investing in structurally protected, short-duration credit. We provide our investors access to private credit markets that are typically difficult to access, giving them the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and counterbalance traditional allocations in equities and real estate. Private credit can produce strong risk adjusted returns with low volatility and is uncorrelated to many other asset classes.

We have a strong focus on the preservation of investor capital with a particular focus on managing downside risk. Our team have substantial personal capital invested in our funds.

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Our Strategies

Lending to Lenders

Lending to Lenders

Our Lending to Lenders strategy provides senior loans to growing non-bank and Fintech lenders ($10-40 million facilities), allowing these companies to scale. Our specialist team delivers strong risk adjusted returns for investors by creating robust investment structures combined with strong asset backing and attractive investment yields available in this niche market segment.

The scale of these funding facilities make them too large to be funded by equity, yet not large enough to attract wholesale funding lines from institutional funders. By operating in this segment of the market, GCI is able to generate attractive returns for its investors.

Asset Backed Finance

Asset Backed Finance

Our Asset Backed Finance funds acquire asset backed credit, designed to offer investors stable income due to the reliable cashflows of the underlying assets.

The type of credit assets originated by non-bank lenders and financed by GCI includes term loans, invoice receivables, equipment finance, consumer loans, Buy Now Pay Later plans, real estate bridge loans, trail book funding and agricultural finance.

Scale Up Finance

Scale Up Finance

Senior secured loans to high growth, revenue generating companies with a clear path to EBITDA positive, usually backed by strong equity sponsors.

Investors benefit from an attractive risk/return profile associated with senior loans plus upside in the form of equity options.

Special Opportunities Funding

Special Opportunities Funding

The Special Opportunities Strategy invests in high yield debt opportunities with mitigated downside through asset backing, and strong upside through equity participation.

How to Invest

Our funds are available exclusively to wholesale investors seeking portfolio diversification and strong risk adjusted returns that are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes. If you would like to know more, we welcome your call. Alternatively, if you would like to email us your details, we would be happy to contact you.

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GCI Investor Relations Team

Adam Schwartz, Head of Investor Relations

Adam joined GCI in May 2015. As Head of Investor Relations, he plays a key role in managing all relationships across the GCI investor community.

He started his career working as an Equity Sales trader with Investec UK covering South African and UK Equities. After eight years he moved to Renaissance Capital to undertake a similar role but with a Russian focus.

In 2012, he moved to Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was entrusted with servicing and advising some of the largest long only institutions and hedge funds in Europe.

Adam holds a Commerce degree from the University of NSW.