We help our borrowers realise their real estate vision
through our flexible and reliable capital solutions

Our areas of expertise

We deliver flexible credit solutions tailored to property developers and investors. Our services include refinancing, property and business acquisitions, bridging finance, and equity releases, all designed to cater for diverse business needs.

Our team of seasoned finance and property specialists collaborate closely with borrowers seeking funding solutions. We specialise in leveraging Australian real estate assets as collateral. We transact quickly and with purpose – avoiding the delays and restrictive covenants often associated with larger banks and non-bank lenders.

What we offer

We cater to clients who fall outside the restrictive requirements of Tier 1 Bank funding, offering them the flexibility and reliable capital they seek. Our Real Estate team works closely with borrowers to gain a deep understanding of the underlying real estate collateral or project feasibility to structure facilities that provide both flexibility and funding certainty. When evaluating a specific opportunity, our team will look for:

  1. Real estate security located in Australia to be pledged as first mortgage security
  2. A clearly defined purpose of funds
  3. Understanding of the “the end game” – so we can help borrowers realise their vision

We assess a wide spectrum of real estate asset classes, including development sites with or without development application approval, residential, industrial, commercial, and retail assets, which are all deemed as acceptable security.

Our borrowers typically require loan facilities between $10 – $50 million with a short to medium loan term (up to 2 years).

What our borrowers say

With the flexibility to look beyond standard banking criteria, we have enabled a variety of clients to solve their complex real estate funding needs and realise their transformational vision.

If you are an adviser looking to access real estate financing for your client, speak with our team today.

Our Real Estate Team

With experience working across a wide range of real estate assets, our expert team is ready to help.

Robert Grajczyk

Investment Director

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