Strategic Capital

We understand complex business situations
Whether it be a need to grow or to restructure

Our areas of expertise

We provide flexible capital solutions through innovative structures to mid-sized businesses navigating complex restructuring or growth scenarios.

What we offer

Our loan facilities are not typically available from traditional banks or lenders and are tailored to enable borrowers to achieve a particular outcome or milestone.

GCI’s Strategic Capital team will consider borrowers in any industry, except for the construction and development sectors. When assessing a particular opportunity, our team will look for:

  1. An experienced management team headquartered in Australia or New Zealand
  2. Strong collateral backed by robust systems and processes
  3. A passionate management team with “skin in the game”

Our borrowers typically require loan facilities with a shorter term (1–3 years) with an ability to demonstrate a clear plan or pathway to repayment.

What our borrowers say

With the sophistication to look beyond standard banking criteria, we have helped a variety of businesses solve their complex funding needs.

If you are an adviser looking to access strategic capital for your client, speak with our team today.

Our Strategic Capital Team

With experience working across a wide range of industries, each with specialist requirements, our expert investment team is ready to help.

Hugh Selleck

Managing Director

Daniel Schweickle

Investment Director

Kevin Kingsley

Investment Analyst

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