Asset Backed Finance

We unlock value for borrowers with physical and/or
financial assets across a range of industries

Our areas of expertise

We provide flexible funding solutions to mid-sized businesses with a focus on physical and/or financial assets. These assets can be as diverse as a pool of accounts receivables to large equipment used for construction and quarry applications.

Our team is also a specialist funder to emerging non-bank finance companies. At first, these businesses are often below the scale of being able to attract the attention of mainstream wholesale funders and need a partner with a product that can be adapted as the business grows and designed to help them bridge the gap.

Hard Assets

Asset expertise allows us to offer flexible facilities to borrowers at competitive loan to value ratios.


We understand the full value of accounts receivable to offer attractive leverage.

Bespoke Situations

We provide borrowers with facilities that give credit to a variety of asset types, we do the work to understand complex situations and unusual assets.

Lending to lenders

Flexible funding solutions for emerging non-bank lenders, including Fintech’s and other specialty finance companies.

What we offer

Our clients are often under served by traditional credit providers or just do not want to deal with banks, so our Asset Backed Finance team works with them to understand their business. When assessing a particular opportunity, our team will look for:

  1. An experienced management team headquartered in Australia or New Zealand
  2. Physical and/or financial assets to be pledged as security
  3. A passionate management team with “skin in the game”

Our borrowers typically require loan facilities between $10-$50 million with a short to medium loan term (up to 5 years).

What our borrowers say

Our Asset Backed Finance team has a strong track record in helping a variety of businesses access innovative funding solutions.

If you are looking for flexible funding structures that will enable your business to continue to grow, speak with our team today.

Expert in-house Team

Our expert in-house investment team is always open to discuss opportunities and are excited about helping clients unlock transformational power of private credit, speak with our team today.

Henry Stewart

Managing Director

Gary Looi

Investment Director

Sunny Xu

Investment Analyst

Ethan Zhu

Investment Analyst

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