Why choose us

Our Story

Founded in February 2015 by Steven Sher and Gavin Solsky, we believe our entrepreneurial mindset has helped us bring a different perspective to the Australian private credit market and deliver exceptional results for our clients (both borrowers and investors).
We recognised that post the GFC, regulation on banks would mean borrowers would need to look for more flexible, alternative funding sources. At the same time, we saw that investors were looking for greater diversification opportunities and to deploy capital outside of conventional asset classes.
We saw an opportunity to bring together our investment and entrepreneurial backgrounds to create a private credit business that could help transform businesses in ways that traditional lending cannot. Private credit can support business owners to grow without needing to deal with the bureaucracy and constraints of large banks and avoid the need for business builders and owners to raise very expensive equity capital if bank funding is not possible.
We offer our borrower clients three core innovative financing solutions: Asset Backed Finance, Real Estate and Strategic Capital. Each solution seeks to arm business owners with the power to meet their individual funding requirements no matter the stage of the business evolution they find themselves in.

What Sets Us Apart

We are credit providers who think like business owners. We work with our borrower clients to see through complexity, to understand their specific requirements and to provide them with fast and flexible financing solutions that enable them to reach new heights and achieve their goals. We have a vested interest in seeing them be successful.
We call this Transformational Credit. It is built on five key pillars: Flexibility, Speed, Insights, Advice and Network.


We take pride in our ability to think outside the box and offer creative solutions that open opportunities and drive real results for businesses.


Our nimble team and efficient processes ensure we can provide a clear path to funding or a quick and clear no.


With our specialist knowledge and transformative frameworks, we can assist to unlock value by working through complex situations.


Our collective experience and deep expertise allows us to provide clients with ideas to reduce risk and optimise growth plans that will help drive their business forward.


​​We connect our clients to a wealth of resources by providing access to our extensive domestic and international networks, supporting their business and helping to position them for future success.

our mission

To help our clients unlock the transformational power of private credit

Our Values


We maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do


We are uncompromising in our effort to achieve exceptional outcomes


We embrace all opposing viewpoints as an opportunity to enhance our thinking


We adopt a prudent mindset valuing long-term success over short-term gains


We tell the whole story


We prize collective achievements over individual recognition

Meet Our Team

Supported by our leadership team, our expert in-house investment teams comprise highly qualified investment professionals with a complimentary mix of credit investment and management skills.

GCI Leadership Team

Steven Sher

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Gavin Solsky

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Asset Backed Finance

Henry Stewart

Managing Director

Real Estate

David Stone

Managing Director

Strategic Capital

Hugh Selleck

Managing Director

Daniel Schweickle

Investment Director

Alexander Corder

Investment Director

Kevin Kingsley

Investment Analyst

Investment and Risk

Jacob Rosenberg

Chief Risk Officer

Investor Relations, Marketing and Media Enquiries

Adam Schwartz

Head of Investor Relations

Maria Joseph

Marketing & Communications

Finance and Operations

Josephine Jang

Chief Financial Officer

Daniela Moise

Finance Manager