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“Un-bankable” is not a dirty word

“Bankable” – it’s a phrase we hear regularly from debt advisers and finance brokers in Australia and New Zealand – suggesting the quality and attractiveness of a particular deal is so good you (and a friendly bank manager) would bank on it!  In reality, many mid-sized borrower clients have financing requirements that fall outside traditional […]
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Finding balance in the valuation gap

Like many people in the Australian business community, a number of us at GCI start our day with the Australian Financial Review (AFR). Last Friday, these words in an article by James Thomson caught our attention: “but in an uncertain world, the question of what is fair value looms large”. In this piece, Thomson was highlighting the […]
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The ‘ATO Bank’ is Closing for Business

Recent months have seen an increase in speculation as to whether we are seeing the first signs of distress appear in corporate Australia. Whilst the construction industry has laid bare its woes with the collapse of construction giant ProBuild and others, the cracks are appearing in several sectors, particularly where price increases cannot be passed […]
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