Unyoked – Remote cabins

Client Overview

Unyoked offers short stay accommodation in private cabins located in the wilderness. They own and operate a network of easily-accessible cabins across Australia, New Zealand and now the UK.

All cabins are located within a 2-hour drive of a CBD, allowing guests to take a break easily from their busy urban lives and spend time in nature.

The company designs, builds and locates eco-friendly cabins on landowners’ properties, unlocking value for them from their land that would otherwise remain unutilised.

Client Commentary

Founded in 2016 by brothers, Cam and Chris Grant, Unyoked quickly grew to become the largest operator of eco-friendly cabins in Australia.

In 2021, the team was looking to grow its network of cabins from 33 to over 100 without diluting its equity holding in the business.


GCI’s Leap Capital team was able to move quickly and provide Unyoked with the credit facility they required. This facility allowed Unyoked to accelerate its growth, despite the holiday rental sector having suffered significantly through the pandemic, and ultimately complete a refinancing to allow for the next stage of their growth cycle.

The GCI Leap Capital Growth Fund seeks to help founders of proven scale-up businesses continue to grow their revenue and enterprise value.

Providing Value Added Credit

Leap have been able to help us take our business to its next growth phase while not diluting ourselves unnecessarily.

Leap have been a real value add to our business from the way we consider our business growth to research and development.

We would recommend Leap to any founders that are looking to take their business to the next level.

Cameron Grant Unyoked CEO and Co-Founder

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