Unyoked – Remote cabins

Client Overview

  • Unyoked is an owner/operator of a network of holiday rental cabins located in the wilderness, mostly in NSW and Victoria
  • All cabins are within 2-3 hours of a CBD enabling guests to more easily take a break from their busy, urban lives
  • Founded in 2016 by brothers Cam and Chris Grant, Unyoked is now the largest operator of cabins in Australia
  • The company locates cabins on landowners’ properties, unlocking value to the landowner

Facility Overview

  • Up to $5.0m, 3-year facility structured in 6 tranches to maximise flexibility
  • Interest-only period at the start of each tranche to minimise the initial burden on the business, then fully amortising over the term
  • Warrants issued with each tranche
  • Funding will enable the business to expand from 33 to over 100 cabins


  • This was the 7th facility that Leap has provided during the Covid period and supported a borrower in a sector that has suffered significantly through the pandemic
  • The founders and early shareholders were able to minimise dilution by avoiding funding large upfront capital expenditure with expensive equity before achieving the value uplift from the growing network of cabins

Providing Value Added Credit

Leap have been able to help us take our business to its next growth phase while not diluting ourselves unnecessarily.

Leap have been a real value add to our business from the way we consider our business growth to research and development.

We would recommend Leap to any founders that are looking to take their business to the next level.

Cameron Grant Unyoked CEO and Co-Founder

We provide more than just funding, we provide
Value Added Credit

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