Opmantek – IT audit software

Client Overview

  • Opmantek is an intelligent enterprise management and IT audit software company
  • It is headquartered in Queensland with operations in the USA, Mexico and Spain
  • Its software allows IT departments to discover, audit, monitor and manage any device on any type of network
  • Opmantek’s products are used by some of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers and Managed Service Providers

Facility Overview

  • $2m multi-year facility structured in 3 tranches each with a 3-year term
  • Interest-only period at the start of the facility
  • Fully amortising over the term
  • Warrants issued


  • Opmantek’s business model is centered around creating technology that organisations can download, implement and operate without the need for on-site professional services or face-to-face meetings
  • Leap Capital was able to work with Opmantek to tailor a funding solution which supported their growth while minimising dilution for shareholders

Providing Value Added Credit

We are thrilled to be working with Leap Capital. It was clear from our first meeting with Leap Capital that they understood our business, the technology sector, and would be an ideal growth partner.

Danny Maher, Opmantek Chairman

We provide more than just funding, we provide
Value Added Credit

The case studies below outline how we work with our borrower clients to understand their specific requirements and provide flexible funding structures that enable them to continue to grow.